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Welcome! This is a new sequel of famous First Person Shooter Critical Strike or, if we want to be more precise, of the legendary Counter Strike. Counter Strike is well known multiplayer first time shooter that was a hit long before the birht of high Internet connection speeds. Players would gather together and create personal network. Those days are over. CS Portable in online/ cloud based so no need for buying or installing anything.

What's new in CS Portable 2?

The changes are done mostly under the hood and will not be instantly noticed by the player. Those technical changes include better graphic rendering, and Frames per Second Optimiser that will, in short, give you best graphical performance considering your display, network speed and browser settings.     You will notice new maps, one new weapon (let's not say which one to keep you excited), and a quicker defuser. Also, fashion department has been working, so both terrorists and counter terrorists have new uniforms.

How to play CS Portable 2?

cs-portable-2-gameplayUse the link bellow. You will need the unity player installed, and an open account (for multiplayer mode only).

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>New Critical Strike

is available on Google Play  also.   The game is 100% free, but you can support the development of the game on voluntarily bases .

Tips and reviews from players:

  • Raphael Yeom: Second edition kicks ass. Critical Stike brings the Counter Strike to live once again
  • Koh Zhi Moreira: Zombie mode is awesome. Can't decide if it's better to kill zombs or join them...
  • Adrian Trump: As my tablet app for this game gets stuck when uploading the weapons I prefer to play online mode. CS 2 Online is very nice.

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